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Frequently Asked Questions

My website is so small, why would anyone bother to hack me?

Even if they don’t know your business, they are not too picky who they are gonna hack. Hackers have scripts what scan thousands of sites and when they find known vulnerability, they will exploit it. They really don’t care about website size. You can read more about different reasons here why they do what they do.

How do I get started?

The sign-up process is simple and only takes 5 minutes. After sign-up you will have access to a customer portal where you can immediately begin to request any urgent help or support.

How often do you apply updates?
We monitor your site 24/7 and manually login and check your site once a week and apply any plugin, core and theme updates. Our team of WordPress experts check your site to ensure no issue after updates have been applied. If any issue or conflict is found we work until its resolved.
Unlimited emergency fixes?

We offer unlimited emergency fixes. Any fix to your current WordPress site is covered no matter how big or small. This excludes issues with any new development/functionality that has been added.

How does your tech support work?
We have built a customer area from scratch where we can collect your support requests and manage all data in one place. We maintain and update your site periodically without you needing to ask for it. We will keep you updated and send reports on the tasks completed. If you have some other issues for us to solve, you can leave us a support ticket.
Can I raise a support ticket anytime 24/7?

Yes, support tickets can be raised anytime 24/7 you have an issue with your WordPress site, typically support tickets are resolved within 3-8 hours (depending on complexity of the issue). We use custom built notification system to let your dedicated developer know if there are any issues with the site.

What happens if I need extra development / features?

We can discuss it easily in customer portal and agree on any extra work with custom proposal.

How often do you take backups?
We take daily offsite backups of your entire site and database our secure cloud server. We keep 14 days of daily backups and 1 year of weekly and monthly backups. We can easily restore your site if it is needed in extreme cases.
What if my site gets hacked?

If you are an existing customer, then we simply take care of the issue with high priority and remove any malware or malicious code to get your site back running as normal. If you are not yet our customer, contact us and we will find a solution.

Do we provide web hosting?
We do not provide hosting ourselves, but we can recommend great hosting providers and move your site there.
What happens if a plugin on my site is no longer supported?
We will let you know if a plugin on your site is no longer supported or compatible with the latest version of WordPress. We will inform you of a course of action to remedy this as depreciated plugins can be a major security risk.