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Why do you need a support and maintenance plan?

  • Wordpress powers 35% of websites in the world, but if you leave your website software outdated, you are at risk of getting hacked.
  • Updates also add new features and functionality that can improve the overall design and performance of your site.
  • The main components that needs to be updated regularly are the WordPress core, themes, plugins, and other software that powers your site so that everything continues to run smoothly. That is why we periodically update your site, so you don’t have to risk breaking your site to update it yourself. Also, you don’t have to deal with nasty plugin and software conflicts, what can happen during the update process, we’ll take care of it.
  • We also offer greater security for your website and malware removal guarantee, but most of all, we are there when you need us.
"We have a simple site, I don't see any reason why anyone would bother to hack us." There is a common misconception that hackers only go after big sites. For hackers, it’s not about stealing information, but hijacking your site to use its server as a hosting environment to send spam emails or attack other servers. Hackers often create scripts to search for vulnerable sites. They don't care if it is a big or small site, as long as it has a vulnerability, anything works. Once a vulnerability is detected, the hacker makes its way in and takes control of the server. The server is then used to send out spam to massive email lists, mine cryptocurrency or use resources in other malicious ways. This will damage your site’s reputation with search engines and trigger them to block your IP address, rendering your site virtually non-existent in search results. That translates to a damaged reputation and loss of clients. Later on, it is harder to clean malware from website files, since they hide malicious code between required website files and then cleaning can be much more costly.
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How it works?

  • 1. We check and monitor your site.
  • 2. We continuously work to keep your site secure and updated.
  • 3. We update the work log and send reports. All info is managed on custom built customer area for your convenience.
  • 4. Something broken? We will fix it. Need extra development done? Order it from our easy to use custom built member area.

We make sure your WordPress website stays live, healthy, updated, backed up, and secure, so you can focus on growing your business instead of dealing with technical headaches.


Your plugins, themes, and core files will be updated periodically. We test to make sure your site is working correctly and fix any software conflicts that might happen. We will keep you updated by sending reports.


We cooperate with WebArx Security to offer Chuck Norris level protection. Some vulnerabilities get round-house kicked even before plugin authors know there is something wrong with their software.


What if you could quicksave your life as a backup before doing something stupid? Luckily we can quicksave your website. We make a lot of backups of your site, so we can always restore your site if things don't go your way.


We all need a little support sometimes. Doing everything yourself is not very wise. We are very good at solving technical headaches. Let us help you at what we are best, so you can focus on what you are at best.


Is your website sluggish? If yes, you are losing customers and money. We make your website faster with website optimization tactics or by working directly with server infrastructure.


When you sleep, eat or play with your kids, we keep a watchful eye on your website. If it goes down, we are first to react, so you don't lose clients or revenue.


We will make sure you get updated about all that's happening. You mostly don't have to do anything, but you are also not in the dark.


We are experts at Wordpress, but we are good with other technical solutions too. Share your other technical problems with us. We might be able to help.

Pricing starts from $49 a month.

Everything essential included.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The sign-up process is simple and only takes 5 minutes. After sign-up you will have access to a customer portal where you can immediately begin to request any urgent help or support.
We monitor your site 24/7 and manually login and check your site once a week and apply any plugin, core and theme updates. Our team of WordPress experts check your site to ensure no issue after updates have been applied. If any issue or conflict is found we work until its resolved.
We offer unlimited emergency fixes. Any fix to your current WordPress site is covered no matter how big or small. This excludes issues with any new development/functionality that has been added.
We have built a customer area from scratch where we can collect your support requests and manage all data in one place. We maintain and update your site periodically without you needing to ask for it. We will keep you updated and send reports on the tasks completed. If you have some other issues for us to solve, you can leave us a support ticket.
Yes, support tickets can be raised anytime 24/7 you have an issue with your WordPress site, typically support tickets are resolved within 3-4 hours (depending on complexity of the issue). Critical issues flagged as high priority are looked into within 1-2 hours, usually less.
If you use all of your inclusive website improvement time, we will notify you. Additional improvement/development time can be purchased in 30 min blocks from your customer portal.
We take daily offsite backups of your entire site and database our secure cloud server. We keep 14 days of daily backups and 1 year of weekly and monthly backups. We can easily restore your site if it is needed in extreme cases.
If you are an existing customer, then we simply take care of the issue with high priority and remove any malware or malicious code to get your site back running as normal. If you are not yet our customer, contact us and we will find a solution.
Yes, we work to not only optimise your site for faster loading times, but continue to monitor and maintain the speed increase for the life of your plan.
We do not provide hosting ourselves, but we can recommend great hosting providers and move your site there.
We will let you know if a plugin on your site is no longer supported or compatible with the latest version of WordPress. We will inform you of a course of action to remedy this as depreciated plugins can be a major security risk.

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